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By Carla van Heerden   
Senior Occupational Therapist Minerva Director

In this interactive workshop, we will cover principles for intervention at each level of Creative Ability.  Attendees will walk away with tools and strategies to implement with confidence and have access to ongoing support.

By Pamela Meredith, Professor of Occupational Therapy, USC

Originating in the mid-20th century, attachment theory is one of the most influential and well validated theories of social and emotional development. Most recently, it has become known as a regulation theory and has grown in application across all groups, especially when relational difficulties or therapeutic relationships are considered.

Attachment theory is easily integrated with other theories, including sensory processing theory, and is consistent with person-centred and trauma-informed care.

This one-day introductory workshop is designed for occupational therapy students, recent graduates, or therapists new to the theory in occupational therapy mental health practice. Attachment theory will be overviewed, and ways to integrate the theory within an occupational therapy process model in mental health will be considered.  

A variety of teaching strategies, include instruction, demonstration and group activities, to provide an overview of the origins of attachment theory.

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