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Continuing Professional Development with

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Minerva Educate

We provide professional development opportunities for clinicians, community support workers and lived experience practitioners in our areas of expertise. 

Time pressure, ease of access and affordability are all factors that play a role in mental health service providers' ability to engage in professional development activities.

We aim to make this easier by offering a membership option that reduces the cost of online and face to face workshops, as well as support to integrate knowledge and implement newly learnt skills.  


Through cumulative clinical expertise and strong collaborations, Minerva is in a position to support good mental health practice.


Whether you are interested in a one off consultation to help with a particular client, to attend a workshop, or to have ongoing support and / or professional supervision,  one of our professional development opportunities may appeal to you. 


Our areas of 

Clinical Expertise



The Vona Du Toit Model of Creative Ability

Sensory & Attachment-based Interventions


Mental Health & Employment


Clinical Supervision for Mental Health OTs

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